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Hi Everyone, I'm sitting in my personal office and reading a great book that I cannot recommend enough called My Remarkable Journey by Larry King. The story is not only inspiration but educational and informative. As someone who often does interviews about my books and CD programs, the book proves its worth over and over by teaching me the mindset of someone who is trying to get in my head and elicit the best information from me. And as someone who also interviews many bestselling authors and celebrities, I was amazed to find out that Larry King does not prepare one question prior to an interview. He comes out of the gate just like his audience - curious at a fundamental level. The things I'm learning are amazing to say the least. If you're looking for a great book and enjoy biographies - buy it today! Or check it out at your local library like I did! Oh... I have many people asking me what magazines I like to read. I'm not sure why they ask - but here's the short list... - MacWorld - Fortune - Rolling Stone - Psychology Today - GQ - Health - CondeNast Portfolio - Success - Think Big - Inc. - Entrepreneur - Fast Company I know I'm missing a few. We'll --- you get the message. Until next time... Peter Wink

Author, Getting Clear of FEAR

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