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Peter Wink is considered a personal development aficionado having spent nearly 25 years in marketing and product development while working for the premier personal development organization, the Nightingale-Conant Corporation, as well as running his own private consulting organization working with many of the best personal development authors and speakers.


Peter gained an insider's view of the self-help and personal development field working on marketing and product development for the biggest names in the self-help industry including Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Tom Peters, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Ram Dass, Napoleon Hill Foundation, W. Clement Stone, Leo Buscaglia, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Matthew Lesko, Denis Waitley,

Mark Victor Hansen, and many others.









It is this rare insider's view that gained him perspective on the type of materials that get results in people's lives. He also regularly contributed strategies to both Succeed and Think Big Magazines in Australia.


Outside of the personal development business, he has held strategic management and marketing positions with United Parcel Service (UPS), Gold Standard, Successories, Jamba Juice Restaurants, Krispy Kreme, Rockwell, and Accenture.










Peter Wink went on to write and publish several books and audios including Negotiate Your Way to Riches, Buying Secrets Retailer’s DON’T Want You to Know About, Masters of Action, Getting Clear of FEAR, Goal Getter’s Workshop, and Wisdom of the Masters.













He earned his Bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University and graduated on the National Dean's List, and is now the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Systems, LLC. He is based in Chicago. IL.


To contact Peter, you can email

Self Study Courses:  

  • Getting Clear of FEAR 

  • Goal Getters Workshop 


Audio Downloads (Audible / Amazon / iTunes):  

  • Negotiate Your Way to Riches 

  • Buying Secrets Retailers DON’T Want You to Know About 


Audio Downloads:

  • Peter Wink on Communications      

  • Peter Wink on Inspired Marketing       

  • Secrets of Super Achievers (Peter Wink and Ron Ball)     

  • Your Life’s Purpose Interview (Peter Wink and Katrina Mayer) 

  • Inspired Marketing Interview (Peter Wink w/Craig Perrine) 

  • Eliminating Physical Pain (Peter Wink w/Dr. Dennis Harris) 

  • How To Stop Compromising and Start Living  (Peter Wink and Dr. Leonard Coldwell) 

  • How to Become a Millionaire Starting With Absolutely Nothing (Peter Wink and Dr. Leonard Coldwell) 


Master’s of Action Interview Audio Series

  • Peter Wink w/Bill Walsh 

  • Peter Wink w/Dr. Gene Landrum 

  • Peter Wink w/Dr. Leonard Coldwell 

  • Peter Wink w/Howard Berg V1, V2, V3  

  • Peter Wink w/Joe Vitale   

  • Peter Wink w/Marshall Sylver   

  • Peter Wink w/Mike Crow 

  • Peter Wink w/Ron Ball 

  • Peter Wink w/Vic Conant 


Inside Health and Fitness Interview Audio Series:  

  • Peter Wink w/Ed Foreman 

  • Peter Wink w/Dr. Leonard Coldwell   

  • Peter Wink w/Joe Vitale  

  • Peter Wink w/Mary Miller    

  • Peter Wink w/Peter Ragnar   

  • Peter Wink w/Ron Ball    

  • Peter Wink w/Dr. McCombs    

  • Peter Wink w/Dr. Stephen Drost    

  • Peter Wink w/Matthew Lesko

Books (Amazon): 

  • Negotiate Your Way to Riches

  • Buying Secrets Retailers DON’T Want you to Know About


Science of Balanced Living (Peter Wink and Peter Ragnar):  

  • Science of Balanced Living Introductory Course 

  • Discover Your Life’s Purpose 

  • Ghosts, Manifestations, Psychic Abilities, and the Law of Attraction  

  • How to Attract Money  

  • How to Cleanse Your Body for Long Lifelong Energy, and Vitality  

  • How You Can Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate 

  • Law of Attraction 

  • Reprogramming Your Mind for Success  

  • Self-Communication  


Additional Audio Downloads (Peter Wink):

  • How to Take Maximum Action Now

  • Break the Worry Habit 

  • Stress: The Silent Killer 

  • Beware of the Naysayer  

  • How to Dress for Success 

  • How to Improve Your Physical Health Immediately

  • How to Stop Compromising Your Life Away 

  • How to Master the Art of Decision Making

  • How to Get Your Goals

  • How to Prioritize Your Goals for STELLAR Results

  • FEAR and the Faculties of the Mind 

  • Understanding Your Brilliant Brain 

  • How to Knock Out Nightmares

  • “Trying” Vs. “Doing”: The Powerful Distinction 

  • How to Develop your Life’s Purpose 

  • How to Be Happy 

  • Finding Your Marvelous Mentor 

  • Dump the Time Wasters 

  • How to Write a Book Fast 

  • The Common Sense Speaker 

  • How to Hire and Fire Fast 

  • Avoiding Unethical Behavior

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