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Peter Wink's "Breakthrough" self-study systems are

the perfect way to conveniently learn how to clear FEAR and

"get" all your goals!


Each self-study system is designed to be completed at

your own pace while driving, exercising, working, or relaxing at home.  It's like having Peter Wink right there in your home,

office, car, or gym – coaching you every step of the way.  


Choose from one of the two system options listed below.

Getting Clear of FEAR Program

Get clear of any FEAR quickly and permanently.


Do you feel FEAR in some part of your life?


Is FEAR holding you back from having, being, or doing something?


If so, there’s great news...


You can clear yourself of any FEAR.


What you may not realize is that all your FEARS are triggered by mental programs playing over and over in your “Subconscious Mind.” All of those mental programs can be easily and quickly reprogrammed to make you a FEARLESS, adventurous person  so you can get on with your life  and live life on your own terms.


In Getting Clear of FEAR, you’ll learn...


  • What FEAR really is.

  • How to reprogram your “Subconscious Mind” to be FEARLESS.

  • Why a single thought can impact your entire life.

  • Why you must guard your thoughts from negativity.

  • The most common FEAR triggers.

  • Where your FEARS actually originate.

  • The 8-step process for going into FEAR.

  • The difference between the mind and brain.

  • The underlying cause of all your FEARS.

  • How to conquer and clear all your FEARS.

  • How to become a FEARLESS risk taker.

  • Characteristics of FEARLESS people.


And much more!


For more information, please click here

Goal Getter's Workshop Program

Go from goal “Setting” to goal GETTING.


Have you ever “set” a goal, started working on it – and then lost your energy and enthusiasm to accomplish it?


Do you ever wonder why this happens to you?


You see, the world is loaded with goal “setters.” What it lacks are goal GETTERS. Being a goal GETTER requires a very specific set of skills; most people don’t have them or know they exist.


The good news is that you can GET any goal when you know how. We can teach you those missing goal GETTER skills!


Goal Getter’s Workshop will show you how to...


  • Determine rock solid objectives.

  • Plan out goals and all their necessary milestone steps.

  • Determine accurate completion dates.

  • Reprogram your Subconscious Mind for goal GETTING.

  • Create energy, vitality, and enthusiasm.

  • Eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Break free of worry.

  • Take action until you GET your goal.

  • Use your instincts to make GREAT decisions.

  • Build a foundation for successful goal GETTING.

  • Eliminate common FEARS.

  • Manage priorities wisely.

  • Have a “can-do” attitude all the time.

  • Build a great support system.

  • Eliminate counterproductive habits.

  • Embrace criticism and use it to your advantage.

  • Learn to love change.

  • Develop the courage of a warrior.

  • Deal with any adversity.


Develop your life’s purpose.


And most importantly...


You’ll learn how to GET your goal every time!


For more information, please click here





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