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Hi Everyone, I want to take a moment and teach you a technique that you can use right away to be a more effective "challenge" solver. The foundation of this technique lies in the what questions you ask yourself and the answers you come up with. Before we get going you need to understand that whenever you ask yourself a question - your mind comes up with some sort of answer. For instance -- think of a challenge your facing, and ask yourself, "Why does this always happen to me?" Or, "Why don't people like me?" "Why am I so unsuccessful?" If you did this correctly and with emotion - you noticed your mind came up with some sort of negative answer! Now let's turn it around. What if you had a challenge and asked yourself questions like, "What is great about this challenge? How about, "What is not perfect?" Or one of my favorites -- "What am I willing to do about?" Here's another good one -- "who can help me solve this challenge?" How about this gem -- "What step can I take to start solving this challenge today?" You see, your mind gives you an answer to the positive questions also. The key is to keep asking yourself questions that will help you solve challenges - not perpetuate them! Remember, the quality of your life is dictated by how you manage the following... - Your level of health - The quality of your relationships - Your willingness to act on your ideas - Who you associate with regularly - Your ability to leverage others - How you invest your time and money - Ways you spend your free time - Ability to assuage or eradicate prejudice against others - How you get along with colleagues, coworkers, friends, and family - And of course how you talk yourself Until next time... Peter Wink

Author, Getting Clear of FEAR

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