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Hi Everyone, Call me delusional, call me crazy - each day, without fail, I'm haunted with the same phrase going through my mind like an out of control ghost train - "manage your time or someone else will." Where am I going with this? Good question! I was thumbing through a terrific book called "No B.S. Business Success" by marketing legend/guru Dan Kennedy. In this book, Dan talks about the importance of managing your time well and keeping away so-called time-wasters or as Dan so eloquently refers to them - "time vampires." Dan says, "Time vampires are people dedicated to sucking up your time. In the process, they also suck out a lot of your energy, leaving you white, weak, and behind schedule. These are the repetitive drop-in visitors or the employees who coin the famous phrase, "Got a Minute?" They also include people who suffer from the chronic disease called "meeting-itis." The profile of these individuals include being disorganized, as well as lack of respect for you, your time, and your goals. When you see them --- run the other way quickly! For those of you not into running, and I can't imagine why not, try the following... - Tell them you only have "five" minutes and politely keep checking your watch as they talk - Say "Sorry I have another meeting" - Ask their objective for talking to you - Have them set up a formal meeting according to YOUR calendar - When you want them to leave - get up and start subtly walking them to the door Great advice huh? Remember - your time is YOUR life and nobody elses. Time is like money - you need to spend it wisely. And like money - don't let anybody spend your time for you. Until next time... Peter Wink

Author, Getting Clear of FEAR

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