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Hi Everyone, This may prove to be the single most important article you ever read for the rest of your listen up and listen good! I just finished re-reading one of my favorite books called...What Would Machiavelli Do? "The Ends Justify The Meanness." In this little gem of a book...there's an absolutely phenomenal chapter called “He would be, for the most part, a paranoid freak.” It starts out with a quote from Intel’s Chairman, Andy Grove, stating --- “I attribute Intel’s ability to sustain success to being constantly on the alert for threats, either technological or competitive in nature. The word paranoia is meant to suggest that attitude, an attitude that constantly looks over the horizon for threats to your success.” Re-read that a few times until it really sinks in! Now re-read it again! What it says is that in business…managed paranoia is a serious strategy for success and for those below the “C” level…it’s a crucial survival tactic! Sane paranoia is made up of… - Mistrust of others. Beware of your so-called friends and supporters. They’re just as apt as your enemies to stomp all over you for that big promotion or get saved during a downsizing. - Hatred of the enemy. Remember…they want you dead in the water. Fight with all you have!!!!! - Organizing those around you to meet your needs. I’m not going to go into this as it should be obvious to you. There’s safety in psychologically managing the “little” people. A true survivor does the following whether they admit it to you or not… - Always have a group of henchman (or women for you politically correct people), sycophants, and other flatters to be their eyes and ears and do their dirty work. - Cultivates the heart of a killer. I don’t mean they literally kill people. They’re just willing to stomp all over those pitiful few who do not serve their agenda. And stomp and stomp and stomp some more until your gone my friend! - Tend to drink or have some other vices that take their mind off of their physically and mentally debilitating daily tasks. I’m not trying to encourage you to be like Machiavelli or admit as to whether you're like him. I could honestly care less. Heck…who am I to judge you anyway. I have enough of my own issues. All I’m trying to do is give you a dose reality as to how the real world works. If you work in a corporate setting…be careful and watch for the big bad wolf. I can assure you they’re lurking closer to you than you think.


think I should trademark a "Got Paranoia?" t-shirt.

Remember my dear friends...Be paranoid! Love you all! Until next time…

Peter Wink

Author, Getting Clear Of FEAR

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