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Hi Everyone, I'm not a big fan of going with the flow or listening to what other people tell me are the "norms" in life. In fact...I HATE norms. The one thing I do agree with is providing a good tip to someone for a job well done. Unfortunately, a bunch of cheapskate, low-life employers refuse to pay their employees livable wages, so they expect the public to pick up the slack by paying tips. Here are my personal recommendations for tipping... - Porters/Bellhops: $1.00 per bag - Car/Limo Drivers: 10%. If they give you a guided they've added go 20%. - Shuttle Bus Drivers: $2.00 per person. - Maids: $2.00 per night. - Conceirge: $5.00-$10.00 per favor. - Room Service: 15% (and it's usually already in the bill!) - Waitors/Waitresses: 10-25% depending on level of service. Bad attitude...ZERO! - Maitre d: $5.00-$10.00 for a great table. - Coat Attendant: $1.00 per coat. - Valet: $2.00 per vehicle. - Restroom Attendant: $1.00 flat. - Doorman: $1.00 for cabs and $1.00 per bag. - Wine Steward: 10% of the wine bill. - Tour Guides: $5.00 per person. - Coffeehouse Attendant: $1.00 per order. - Hair Stylist: 10-15% of total bill. - Beautician: 10-15% of total bill. - Massage Therapist: 10% of the cost of the service. And remember...a tip is not a given. If you get bad service, do not give any tip. Some people are rude, obnoxious, and have an entitlement attitude. Do not give in to them! Until next time... Peter Wink

Author, Getting Clear Of FEAR

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