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Hi Everyone, As most of you know, I'm brash, I'm to the point, I take no prisoners, and tell it like it is. least the way I see it. One person even said, "I'm too Chicago." Which by the way is of the highest compliment. Whether you like me or hate me - I'm not going away! Today, I choose to get on my egg crate and address naysayers. To those of you who choose to put others down, kill people's dreams, and otherwise choose to make yourselves feel better at other's expense, listen up. First of all your remarks do nothing to further life or advance people so you're wasting your time in the big picture. I will guarantee you are a nothing, doing nothing, helping nothing, advancing nothing - in other words...A NOTHING! Did you look in the mirror lately? Why not spend your time encouraging others and possibly getting off your lazy rear and doing something more productive than talking about people to others. In the end, I can guarantee whoever your talking to about others is sick of listening to you and is just being polite - anxiously awaiting to hang up with you or get as far away as possible. Whenever someone puts someone down to me - I know that chances are they're talking about me to others. It is inevitable. If I thought otherwise, I'd be a jackass. To which I'm not. Case in point... I can still remember a high school English teacher that tried to convince me I was functionally illiterate. We'll shortly after that statement was made, I graduated Western Illinois University on the National Deans List, became a business executive, and am now a successful author with multiple books selling. I also want to address those ultra-sensitive people out there. The next time someone supposedly hurts your feelings or says something you do not like. Address them head on! Not through others. And in the words of Frank Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond), "Get off your pity-pot and suck it up Nancy." Don't use others to fight your battles. If it is not important enough to address yourself - it obviously means it is not very important to really address, you're just trying to influence someone else to think a certain way. Which basically means your a sneaky, manipulating loser. Enough about these types of people, I have more important things to worry about. Like writing more books and working my tail off to help people instead of putting them down. Gotta run! Until next time... Peter Wink

Author, Getting Clear Of FEAR

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