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Hi Everyone, Yes, I Peter Wink, am probably as cynical as anyone gracing this wonderful planet Earth! And yes, I'm darn proud of it! It serves me well! I believe little of what I hear from people as most people tend to exaggerate, get their information from unreliable sources, misinterpret what they've been told, OUTRIGHT LIE, say things to satisfy their own agenda, lie for others, or have limited to zero knowledge to speak on a certain subject. Not to mention, most of the time, you'll find what people "say" and "do" are so contradictory, it's laughable! And you can take that to the bank! So why the blog today? Good question! I came across a great article that discusses how to spot liars. You can read it here! Check it out! Until next time... Peter Wink

Author, Getting Clear of FEAR

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