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I was just listening to one of the best audio programs ever made - "The Art of Exceptional Living" by Jim Rohn. In this program, Jim makes one of the most profound statements. One I've reminded myself about for over 10 years and it proves itself consistently. You know what that statement is - "All good will be attacked!" Wow! And this is coming from a positive thinking guru! What does that tell you my friend? And its true - ALL GOOD WILL BE ATTACKED! In fact, this way overdue blog was prompted by a recent review I received. One I cherish and am relishing in, as it's prompted me to do something private - yet incredible. One that makes me say, "Cha-Ching!" And no...I'm not willing to share it with anyone just yet. I always find that when I do my best work - be it consulting, writing a book, selling, blogging, or anything else, someone or some organization always tries to rain on my parade. Which is great because once someone does that me or you - we own them. During the time they're wasting criticizing and bashing you - you own their mind, body, and spirit. Such petty fools. Have not they any brains? (Sounded like Yoda there!) But hey - sometimes you even have to love a petty insignificant fool. Which is how they usually stay! OK...scratch that love mumbo-jumbo. You don't have to love anyone or be loved. Can you say, "Delusion?" In fact, I personally thrive on being attacked - because people quickly learn it has no impact on me - in fact, it energizes me to do more, be more, and have more. Which is why deal-making and negotiating come so easy to me. I gave up my emotional nerve endings sometime back in the early 80s! Internet trolls - keep bringing it - you all look like immature fools in the end. So let's cut the B.S. and get right to it. If someone wrongly attacks you in any way, here's what I think you should do... - Ignore them because chances are they will not attack one-on-one and confront you. What's the word I'm searching for --- "coward!" - Let them light a fire under you to have more, be more, and do more! - Laugh --- and laugh long and hard! Why? Because the person or organization is a joke! You even to have to laugh at a bad joke once in a while. - Eradicate the cancerous person or organization from your life. Perform mental chemotherapy on yourself. "Cancer be gone." - Let them stay transparent and keep attacking you. Hey there's a thought! By the way, I've always said it's the quiet one in the room you have to watch - not the blowhard blabber mouth! Most of all remember, if someone is personally attacking you, they fear and are intimidated by you, think you have power, understand you're nobody to mess with, and are scared to death of who you are and what you represent. They won't admit - but trust me, they have issues or they would not attack you in the first place. Do you attack people you do not worry or care about? Can you please say "common sense?" I know these are tough words - but think and long and hard about them. These words come from many astute years as a premier direct marketer and deal-maker, many years as a consultant & salesman, and many years of being a decent hard working person - at least by my definition. So here's what I suggest you do for at least 30 days. Throw away the positive affirmations that say, "The world is perfect," and "Attitude is everything" and say, "ALL GOOD WILL BE ATTACKED." This way you'll be ready to deal in another reality. And by the way, the review prompted me to write this blog to help others - maybe you. I didn't need to mentally cleanse myself on paper. There's nothing wrong with a little paranoia. After all, who knows what lurks in the shadow? Only the shadow knows! LOL! I'm out of here! Until next time... Peter Wink

AUthor, Getting Clear Of FEAR

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