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FEAR and STRESS: A Marriage Made in Heaven (or REALLY Hell)!

Most people never make the correlation between stress and FEAR; yet they're intertwined.

Here are a few important facts you need to be aware of when it comes to stress (and this is just in America alone)…

- 112 million Americans take stress-related medication

- 250 million prescriptions for tranquilizers are filled annually in America

- 25 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure

- 15 million Americans suffer from social anxiety

- 14 million Americans are alcoholics

- 5 million Americans are depressed

- 3 million Americans suffer from panic attacks

- 1 million Americans have heart attacks each year

To keep stress at bay you must do everything you can to clear you FEAR.

If you suffer from any FEAR whatsoever, it's time to clear it with the Getting Clear of FEAR breakthrough system.

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