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There’s nothing as exciting as being in a jam-packed room

with like-minded people working together to better their lives and

be happier than ever! - Peter Wink

Peter Wink’s workshops and seminars are jammed packed with GREAT information!  


Each one is also customized for the audience   


Peter Wink’s style is very direct, informative, fun, and most importantly – he connects with his audiences by using very unique communication techniques that ensure they understand exactly what he’s saying.  His style is extremely rare and very effective!


Here are Peter’s current seminar and workshop group offerings...


Getting Clear of FEAR  Seminar

Getting Clear of FEAR seminars and workshops are tailored to helping people get over their FEAR(s).  Each can be tailored to your personal and/or professional FEARS.


Whether you have a FEAR of public speaking, dying, getting divorced, dating, starting a business, making decisions, getting fit, de-stressing, or anything else – Peter’s Getting Clear of FEAR seminars and workshops will get the job done for you, your group, or your organization.


Using Your Magnificent Mind Seminar

Using Your Magnificent Mind seminars and workshops are for anyone that wants to understand how to think properly.  These can be tailored to people’s personal and/or professional thoughts.     
Peter will explain how all your thoughts are assimilated into the body and how they translate to the results you’re getting.  Then, you’ll learn how to de-program your subconscious mind of thoughts that don’t serve you and re-program your subconscious mind with thoughts that will move you forward in the direction of your highest goals, dreams, and aspirations!


Developing Your Life’s Purpose Seminar

Developing Your Life’s Purpose seminars and workshops are for anyone that feels they were put on Earth to make a difference – to do something big – bigger than themselves.  These can be tailored to people’s personal and/or professional ambitions.       


Peter will show you how to break down all your thoughts, activities, likes, dislikes, and hobbies, to develop your life’s purpose.  For most people, their life’s purpose is staring them in the face and it takes Peter to point it out and help.  Some people have no idea.  By the time this training ends, you’ll develop your life’s purpose and form a plan to accomplish it.   


Public Speaking Success Seminar

Public Speaking Success seminars and workshops are for anyone that wants to develop into a great speaker, as well those who want to take their speaking skills and operate a profitable speaking business.


Peter will show you all aspects of speaking, as well as developing your information, speech, discussion, and other content.  You’ll also learn the ins and outs of the business side of speaking so you can actually earn a living with it!   


By the time this training ends, you, your group, or your entire organization will learn what you need to know to be an effective and profitable speaker.  


Goal Getter's Workshop Seminar

Goal Getter’s Workshop seminars and workshops are for any individual or organization that wants to go from simply goal “setting” to goal “getting.”  This applies to all types of goals including business, relationships, health, financial, career, spiritual, family, or community.


Peter will show you how to set objectives, goals, granular milestones, and put timelines to everything.  You’ll also “put together” and “start” working an action plan.


Hiring Peter Wink


Peter Wink is making himself available for a very limited number of private seminars and workshops.


His fees are as follows for all seminars and workshops (subject to change):  

  • 1-day (8-hours): $5,000 USD  

  • 2-day (16 hours): $9,000 USD

  • 3-day (24 hours): $12,000 USD   


50% of fee required within 72 hours of booking and remaining 50% due prior to walking on stage.  (Dates cannot be held until down payment is received.)  


Other Travel/Hospitality/Incidental Requirements (where applicable)... 


  • First class air travel (including baggage fees) for Peter Wink for all flights over 4 hours (Business class for all travel under 4 hours)   

  • First class hotel suite accommodations 

  • All meals and incidentals 

  • Limo transportation to and from airport 

Peter Wink will also provide the following opportunities at no additional charge (at Peter Wink’s sole discretion depending on availability and travel schedule)...


  • FREE MP3 gift to all attendees 

  • VIP Attendee Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Opportunities    

  • Autograph and Picture Taking Opportunities

  • 60-second video promotion for promoter to send to prospects

  • (1) 30-minute teleseminar or press interview       

Call or E-mail 
Peter Wink Today!


To book Peter Wink for a seminar, workshop, webinar, live or virtual event, or video conference, please contact Peter at:



or email  









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