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ALL great business leaders have a mentor!
(In fact most have many!)


 All great athletes have mentors!

(YOU may know them as “coaches” and “trainers!”)


All great students have mentors!
(You may know them as “teachers,” “professors,” and “tutors!”)


You too can save time, money, and ongoing headaches by working with a mentor whose been where you are, and has already gotten to

where you want to go – OR FURTHER!

Me with Boating Mentor

Master Captain Hansen

Me with Results Mentor and

“Secret” Author, Bob Proctor

Me with Marketing Mentor Dan Kennedy

Me with One of My First Personal

Development Mentors Anthony Robbins

My Branding and Design Mentor

Barton Blankenburg

Me with My Late Mentor Sidney J. Lemer

Me with Speed Reading Mentor

Howard Stephen Berg

Me with Mind Mentor

“The Amazing Kreskin”

Me with Recording Studio Mentor Joe Dililo

Me with My Relationship Mentor and

Wife Stephanie Wink

Me with My Public Speaking Mentor,

Amway Speaker Ron Ball

Me with Entrepreneurial Mentor J.T. Foxx

The easiest and smartest way to learn anything is from someone with real-life experience.


There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Think about how much time and money you’d save if someone paved a smooth road ahead for you.


Someone who cares deeply about you and will hold you accountable for “getting” your goals...


Someone who will NOT let you procrastinate...Someone who accomplished what you want to accomplish...


Someone who already made all the mistakes you’re likely to make...


Someone who already spent the money to learn what you want to learn...


Someone who already suffered through the headaches and heartaches of learning what you want to learn...


And MOST IMPORTANT– Someone who has attained results in their own life!


Think having someone like that in your life would be valuable to you?


Think you’d save hours, days, weeks, months or even year’s worth of time?


Think they may help prevent a “dumb” and “costly” mistake or two?


Think you’d save OR make a ton of money?


Think you’d save yourself a ton of headaches?


Of course you would!


Here’s the bottom line...


All of us need help at one time or another to get valuable knowledge we just don’t have ourselves. The President has mentors, as do sport’s stars, celebrities, business owners, managers, housewives, mechanics, entrepreneurs, and everyone else! All successful people in every endeavor have people who mentor them in one-way or another on the road to success


Asking for help or investing to get it, isn’t a sign of weakness– it’s really shows your strength, intelligence, and willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful in any endeavor you choose.


This is how you leverage the skills and abilities of other people. This is how you multiply yourself and your capabilities.


I’ll be the first to proudly admit I’ve had a slew of personal and business mentors who helped coach, train, and guide me throughout my life’s activities including academics, sports, leadership, marketing, human resources, accounting, operations, music, marathon running, firewalking, technology, boating, skydiving, drumming, investing, writing, singing, and publishing.


I’ve even had mentors who helped me develop the style clothing I wear– yes I even hired an Image Consultant as a mentor for me! I even have a mentor whose helping me shape by business brand named Barton Blankenburg!


In fact many years ago, when I first got into the personal development field, I had a mentor named Sid Lemer. Sid changed my entire life’s course.


Sid Lemer, was the third founder and Chief Financial Officer of the legendary Nightingale-Conant Corporation.


He taught me everything he knew about the self-help business, how to be a great executive, how to be an effective and fair manager, and many other things. He also mentored me in relationships, health, fitness, nutrition, and running. In fact he mentored me so well as a runner, I ran my first marathon (26.2 miles) with only 5 months of training! That’s the power of a mentor!


To this day, I still remember Sid telling me five things that I took to heart that REALLY impacted my life long-term. (I remember these as if he just said them!)


Sid said...

  • Do everything to the best of your ability!

  • Never overspend on a car or home!

  • Stay out of debt!

  • Get your college degree!

  • Take all time I need to find and marry the right girl!


Everything he ever told me was spot on and helped shape me as a husband, friend, son, brother in-law, son in-law, athlete, entrepreneur, uncle, executive, author, speaker, and mentor to others.


To learn more about me, you can read my biography, by clicking here


Now, I want to personally mentor you. I want to help you have, be, or do whatever you want. I want to help you make GREAT decisions to help propel your life forward. I want to hold your hand just like my mentors hold mine!


Now – Unlike many other mentors and coaches, I’ll only mentor you in areas that I feel uniquely qualified as shown by my personal results.


Therefore, I’m only offering 5 mentoring options at this time...


1. Getting Clear of FEAR Mentoring System

2. Using Your Magnificent Mind Mentoring System

3. Developing Your Life’s Purpose Mentoring System

4. Public Speaking Success Mentoring System

5. Goal Getter's Workshop Mentoring System


I’m going to describe each one momentarily.


First I have something I want to share with you that touched my heart and soul.


A personal email I received from one of my students named Aimee Pilz...

Peter, what I appreciate the most about you is you are insightful, talented & a straight shooter as well as kind & a devoted husband & friend.


You tell it like it is in a meaningful and comprehensible way that invites positive change & breakthroughs. You care very much in making a difference in other people's lives, helping them overcome fear & achieve their goals & dreams.


I especially appreciate your honesty and integrity in all that you say and do and your continual encouragement to be a free thinker thus moving beyond the programm-ing and fear based thinking that is so prevalent in today's world.


I feel very blessed to know and learn from you, Peter. To call you my friend & one of

my mentors.


Thank you very much.


Love Amy!


This is what makes this all worthwhile to me! People helping one another! OK  back to the programs.


Please note that I personally conduct all the sessions myself. 


All mentoring programs include a pre-determined number of weekly 30-minute one-on-one sessions (with myself), as well as (1) 30-minute group mentoring teleseminar per month (with myself and/or a very special guest speaker).



Now, here is a general description of each mentoring program...



Getting Clear of FEAR Mentoring System

GETTING CLEAR OF FEAR MENTORING will help you clear yourself of any FEAR(S) you have in your life. We’ll work through a series of exercises, processes, and steps to determine where your FEAR(S) originated – and then we’ll work together to clear them systematically from your subconscious mind. You’re also going to learn to de-stress yourself physically and mentally.


And be rest assured, we’re going to work together until your FEAR is completely cleared and you’re completely unstuck. How will you know this? You’re going to see yourself easily and automatically doing the things that you were once afraid to do! Being a positive forward-thinking achiever will dominate your subconscious thinking.


To enroll, please click here



Using Your Magnificent Mind Mentoring System

USING YOUR MAGNIFICENT MIND MENTORING will help you understand how you’re thoughts affect your results. I’m going to teach you the entire process of taking a thought and turning it into a very specific result. We’re going to go through everything from what a thought is to understanding how to think to get any result you want in your life.


And be rest assured, we’re going to work together until you completely understand the entire thought-to-results process. How will you know this? You’re going to take in very different thoughts and instantly see much better and more positive results both mentally and physically. You’re also going to repel all negative thoughts like the plague!


To enroll, please click here



Developing Your Life's Purpose Mentoring System

DEVELOPING YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE MENTORING will help you determine what you were put on Earth to accomplish. Through a series of instructions, exercises, processes, and questions, you’re going to determine what it is you are meant to do – and then we’re going to form an action plan to get you started on your life’s path or mission.


By the time you’re finished, you’re going to be able to jump out of bed early – ready to enthusiastically tackle your life’s mission. It’s going to get you up early and keep you up late –and you’re going to love it! It’s time to be happy doing what you love to do, when you love to do it, with whom you want to do it with. Together, we’ll turn your life into a magnificent masterpiece!


To enroll, please click here



Public Speaking Success Mentoring System

PUBLIC SPEAKING SUCCESS MENTORING will help you develop into a confident, effective, and profitable public speaker. You’ll learn all about speaking, body language, tonality, rate, speed, humor, telling stories, developing speaking content/materials, conducting seminars, holding workshops as well as how to speak on stage, on tele-seminars, and on videoconferences.


I’m also going to teach you how the speaking business works which includes marketing yourself, negotiating venues/hospitality, speakers bureaus, agents, managers, contracts, seating arrangements, audiovisuals, lighting, back of the room selling, pitching products/services on stage, and even product development and pricing.


By the time you’re finished, you’re going to have all the tools you need to speak effectively on stage, as well as run your very own profitable speaking business.


To enroll, please click here



Goal Getter's Workshop Mentoring System

GOAL GETTER’S WORKSHOP MENTORING will teach you how to be a goal “getter” – not just a goal “setter.”


You’ll learn everything you need to know to effectively “set” and “get” your goals. I’ll teach you how to hone in on a very specific objective, set your goal, determine the most granular milestones, timestamp each milestone, and ultimately “get” your goal. I live by the philosophy that “Yard by yard it’s hard and inch by inch,


This is by far one of the most intense mentoring programs you’ll ever go through as we’re going to “set” and “get” goals in every area of your life including health, financial, career, family, relationships, spiritual, and others.


We’ll work together to make sure you “get” every goal you “set” out for!


To enroll, please click here

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