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Do you ever find yourself putting off decisions?

Do you feel destined for bigger and better things but

feel stuck in a dead-end rut?


Do you ever set goals without taking any action?


Do you feel unhappy with the path you’re on?

Your 100% Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee: If you're not happy any time within 30 days from your purchase - let us know and you’ll receive a 100% refund – no questions asked.

Dear Friend,


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone.


In fact, right now as you’re reading this millions of people are suffering from these challenges – in fact these challenges affect the vast majority of people.


You see it all around you – people walking around miserable, sad, and depressed “day-in and day-out”– living quiet lives of desperation. Maybe it’s even happening to you. (If so, thankfully you’re getting this message at just the right time. I’m going to help you change all this.)

What took me years to understand was why people let themselves feel this way for their entire life without doing a darn thing about it. Why wouldn’t they change? Why couldn’t they get un-stuck? What was making them repeat the same behaviors that keep them in a rut? Why would someone choose to be unhappy?


Before I go any further I want to ask you a very serious question that requires an honest answer. (And don’t worry nobody will see the answer but you.)


If you know your life isn’t going in the direction you want it to – or you’re just plain unhappy – why haven’t you done something about it?


That question is not only worth answering – it MUST be answered. If not your life will stay the same OR get even worse. Not to mention – life is short – for many VERY short. You must make the most of it – or as the old saying goes – “You need to make hay while the sun shines.”



You’re ONLY one decision away
from changing your life!



Hopefully I’m not being too presumptuous – but I must assume that you’re reading this page because you want to have, be, and do more with your life. There’s something you want badly and can see and taste it. That’s actually a good thing. It means you’re in the mindset of the top 3% of achievers. You’re off to a great start! The challenge is that it’s not enough. Just thinking about success or some change in your life will not get you the things you want in life. It’s only a start – you must take immediate and decisive action.


The good news is that all we have to do is flip the switch in your way of thinking – and you’ll consistently take action on your goals with no FEAR whatsoever. And herein lies the real issue – FEAR!


You may or may not know me – my name is Peter Wink, and I’ve spent nearly 25 years in the personal development field. I’ve coached hundreds of people on the phone, one-on-one, through my books/audios, and from the stage.


And there’s one glaring conclusion I’ve made when it comes to almost everyone I’ve coached and worked with – they’re ALL being held back by FEAR.

If you don’t “clear” your FEAR
it will literally ruin your entire life



FEAR will literally STOP you cold in your tracks from making more money, starting a new relationship, going back to school, quitting a dead end job, losing weight, starting a new career, getting healthy, going into business, and a host of other things. FEAR is like a monster that if not killed, will rear it’s ugly head in front of you at the worst possible time – when you’re trying to get ahead.


The good news is that going into the state of FEAR is a process like anything else. In fact there are eight very distinct steps that put you in FEAR. So all you have to do is break free of this 8-step process and install a new process for getting clear of FEAR, and you’ll never go into the state of FEAR ever again.



The goal is to be happy right now



When you know what FEAR really is and how to clear it, you’ll be able to...


  • Make excellent life-changing decisions quickly and decisively.  

  • Take more educated risks.

  • Become highly self-confident and self-assured.

  • Turn your life into an exciting adventure. 

  • Accomplish all your dreams and goals.

  • Move ahead and break free from life’s “ruts.”

  • Be more sexually uninhibited with your partner.    

  • Find that special someone and have amazing relationships. 

  • Start and succeed in a new business.

  • Live a life filled with adventure, transformation, and reinvention.    

  • Work for a company you love, doing what you love to do.  

  • Participate in challenging and exhilarating sports including skydiving, motocross, skiing, white water rafting, and a host of others.     

  • Repel the everyday criticism of other people.   

  • Go on amazing, adventurous vacations to exotic places like the game reserves of Africa or the deep jungles of South America.    

  • Eat in new places and try different cuisine.    

  • Laugh in the face of rejection and persist until you get what you want.

  • Start and complete projects.

  • Repair broken relationships.

  • Inspire others to help you with your goals.  

  • Be an independent thinker who does everything on your own terms.  

  • Experience less stress, panic, anxiety, and depression.  

  • Stop compromising to please other people.

  • Ignore the agenda-driven media.

  • Stop being afraid of bugs, rodents, and insects.

  • Become a world-class leader, role model, and speaker.

  • Change careers to something more satisfying.   

  • Build “off-the-chart” levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Meet new people.


And most importantly – you’ll BE HAPPY NOW!  (And at the end of the day, that’s what’s really most important.)     


The key is to get clear of FEAR and break loose from this life-draining rut  before it’s too late, and turn your life into the adventurous masterpiece it’s meant to be.  A life filled with wonder, risk, adventure, prosperity, joy, loving relationships, and happiness.  


And here’s the good news... it’s easy to get clear of FEAR... you just have to know how.  And I’m committed to helping you do just that.    


How I went from
failure to achiever and 
from being miserable to
feeling alive again 



Now you may be wondering why I know and understand the topic of FEAR so intimately, and why I want to help you.  Let me share a piece of myself with you and why it’s relevant to what you’re going through.  Admittedly it’s difficult to share something so personal but here goes...    


You see, just like you, I lived in FEAR.  I did it for years – in fact since childhood.  I’m not going to waste your time going through all my FEARS throughout my early years but I will say this – I was miserable and going nowhere.  I felt stuck, unsure of myself, and afraid to do the things I needed to do to get ahead in my life.  I always felt like I wasn’t good enough or that everyone was smarter than me.  I used to think of myself as stupid, dumb, and even considered myself a total “loser.”  In fact, my high school guidance counselor actually told me, to my face, that I was a loser.    


I still remember making promises to myself and to my family without ever following through on any of them.  I’d boast about all the great things I was going to do and never do anything about it.  Eventually this started wearing on me in too many ways to list here or even remember.  One thing I know and remember very well – my self-confidence and self-esteem hit rock bottom.  I found myself deathly afraid to make any decisions.  Then a little luck found it’s way to me. 


I was having a terrible and humiliating day at work (sound familiar?), and took a much-needed break.  I was feeling sad, miserable, dejected and took a walk into an area I typically wouldn’t – it was as if some unknown force was guiding me.  I was walking outside a highly successful manager’s office and on his wall was a picture of a group of sled dogs with a caption that said, “If you’re not the lead dog, your view never changes.”  I stared at that picture for quite some time.  It was basically saying that if you’re not the leader, you’re staring at another’s rear end.  How profound!  

Then I looked down and saw a book on the manager’s desk – it was called, The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz.   


I remember the title intriguing me and I said to myself, “If someone like him is reading that kind of book, maybe I should also.”  I certainly needed to think bigger.  So after work, I went to a local bookstore and bought The Magic of Thinking Big.  I read it over and over during the course of the next weekend.  After reading it I felt as if I was looking at life through a new set of eyes.  (If you don’t have this book – get a copy and read it.)

Now, I’m not going to bore you with too many details, but reading that book launched me into a career in the personal development industry that changed my entire life – starting at Successories and ending up at the world-famous Nightingale-Conant Corporation – eventually going off on my own working with the top personal development and self help authors at the time.

It was through this self-help odyssey that I became an author, speaker, coach, and personal development promoter.  I even regularly contributed articles to Think BIG and Succeed Magazines.


All the time I was working with the top self-help and personal development authors, coaches, speakers, and trainers – learning from them and soaking up all their teachings like a sponge – gaining an unprecedented “insider” perspective to what truly helps people and what doesn’t.



I had to find out the
“Missing Secret” to clearing
out all FEARS right now!


Regardless of everything I was learning, there were two things that drove me crazy about the results (or lack thereof) people were having in their lives.  






What I determined through countless hours of working with, and questioning clients, students, and seminar attendees – was that the underlying cause of their issues and challenges was always FEAR. This is why people didn’t take action.


People FEARED rejection. They FEARED loss of income. They FEARED relationships. They FEARED old age. They FEARED death. They FEARED family. They FEARED ill health. They FEARED poverty. They FEARED loss of respect and love. They FEARED divorce. They FEARED criticism and the opinions of others. FEAR was (and is) running rampant.


So I worked feverishly and came up with a foolproof process for anyone to get “clear” of any FEAR whatsoever. This process also keeps people from going into FEAR in the first place.


My process came about as the result of tireless hours of research, interviews with FEARLESS people, my own experience, and the findings from picking the brains of psychologists, psychiatrists, trainers, coaches, and mind/brain experts.


I compiled everything and put it into an easy to follow, step-by-step PROVEN process that is the central focus of my new program called...


Getting Clear of FEAR


Click Here To Order Getting Clear of FEAR


You see, FEAR is simply the result of negative mental programs running in your “Subconscious Mind.”  Once you clear out and replace these negative mental programs with positive mental programs, you’ll be unstoppable.  Your life will become a virtual masterpiece.  The good news is that Getting Clear of FEAR will show you EXACTLY (step-by-step) how to clear FEAR fast.


Just think of how different your life would be if you were no longer in FEAR. It’s amazing when you think about it.


Clear all your FEARS
Avoid going into paralyzing


Getting Clear of FEAR will show you...  


  • How to avoid going into FEAR.

  • What FEAR really is. 

  • How to reprogram your “Subconscious Mind” to be FEARLESS. 

  • Why a single thought can impact your entire life.      

  • Misconceptions about FEAR. 

  • The difference between a concern and a FEAR.    

  • Why you must guard your thoughts from negativity.   

  • The most common FEAR “triggers.” 

  • Where your FEARS actually originate. 

  • The 8-step process for going into FEAR. 

  • How to make tough decisions quickly and effectively. 

  • The difference between the mind and brain. 

  • The underlying cause of all your FEARS. 

  • How to conquer and clear all your FEARS. 

  • How to become a FEARLESS risk taker. 

  • The power of focused concentration. 

  • How to harness your willpower. 

  • Characteristics of FEARLESS people. 

  • How to form a powerful “FEARLESS” support system.   

  • Foods and drinks that can trigger FEAR.


And far more!



The Getting Clear of FEAR
Breakthrough System


Getting Clear of FEAR includes ALL of the following five life-changing components...


1. GETTING CLEAR OF FEAR Introductory Letter:  After reading this letter you’ll know EXACTLY how to get the most from your Getting Clear of FEAR program.  


2. Getting Started Clearing Your FEAR Audio CD:  This MP3 CD will teach you how to use the Getting Clear of FEAR program step-by-step – making the program much easier to complete – netting you the results you’re looking for.  


3. GETTING CLEAR OF FEAR action guide:  This 162-page Action Guide is jam-packed with information, systems, processes, and exercises to get you clear of FEAR.  


4. GETTING CLEAR OF FEAR CDs:  These 2 MP3 CDs work in sync with the Action Guide; further explaining all the information, systems, processes, and exercises to get you clear of FEAR quickly.  It’s like having me right there walking you, step-by-step to a FEAR-FREE life.    

5. MASTERS OF FEAR CDs:  These 2 MP3 CDs are filled with interviews I conducted with people from all walks of life.  There are famous authors, a rock star, doctors, small business owners, and others.  Each shares how they got over their FEARS to do incredible things.  They will act as weekly coaching companions to you.     


There you have it!  


You get it all...

(1) Getting Clear of FEAR Introductory Letter  
(1) Getting Started Clearing Your FEAR CD (MP3) 
(1) Getting Clear of FEAR 162-page Action Guide   
(2) Getting Clear of FEAR Lesson Audio CDs (MP3)   
(2) Masters of FEAR Interview Audio CDs (MP3)   


I really want you to get clear of FEAR.  In fact it’s my mission to get 100,000 copies of Getting Clear of FEAR in people’s hands.  I’m really dedicated to this – I want to make a difference in the lives of millions – so I’m keeping the investment at a minimum for this program.      


Order your copy of Getting Clear of FEAR today and you can have it for ONLY $149.98 plus shipping and handling.  (That’s a savings of almost $100 off the regular price of $249.97)


This is less than the investment many people make PER HOUR for ineffective therapists, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists.  Some of these people charge as high as $250 per hour and keep patients coming back for months or even years!         


Click Here To Order Getting Clear of FEAR


Heck --- I’m going to make this EVEN BETTER...   


If you order today! 

(Valued at almost $40)


I’m so dedicated to making sure that Getting Clear of FEAR is part of your life, I’m going to make this small investment decision very easy for you.  


Order today and I’ll give you absolutely FREE my brand new exclusive download audio program called How to Take Maximum Action Now!


If you’re not taking massive, decisive action, in every part of your life, you absolutely MUST listen to this audio.  It’ll fire you up to take action on all your goals right away.  


This is not some motivational shot in the arm or “rah” “rah” speech – it’s a mental and physical process for doing what you have to do right now – with no hesitation or excuses.  It’ll also show you how to determine what to do right now at this moment – and how to do it.  


How to Take Maximum Action Now is a must have audio for anyone who wants to achieve anything of any significance.  A FREE value of ALMOST $40!  


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And it all comes with a...


30-day Money Back Guarantee!
No risk to you whatsoever!


Here's what I’d like you to do... 


Put your heart, soul, and faith in yourself and order Getting Clear of FEAR.  


Go through the entire Getting Clear of FEAR breakthrough system for 30 days. And I mean really go through it.  READ all the material, LISTEN to all the audios, COMPLETE all the exercises, and TAKE IMMEDIATE DECISIVE ACTION as instructed. Do everything in the exact order it’s presented.     


If you do all this, I can virtually guarantee that you'll get clear of any FEAR that’s holding you back from living the life you deserve. 


So with that in mind, I'll put my money where my mouth is. 


If for any reason you're not satisfied with the Getting Clear of FEAR breakthrough system – we’ll issue you a FULL 100% REFUND – no questions asked!  (All we ask is that you box it up and pay to ship it back.)  


And no matter what – you can keep the How to Take Maximum Action Now FREE BONUS GIFT downloadable audio program as my way of saying "Thank You" for trying the Getting Clear of FEAR system! 


Since you'll be receiving my entire Getting Clear of FEAR system and the FREE BONUS GIFT of How to Take Maximum Action Now for only a small investment of $149.98 (a total value of $289.94) – you can imagine how fair this deal is.


Obviously, that guarantee is beyond fair and shows I stand behind the Getting Clear of FEAR breakthrough system.


Click Here To Order Getting Clear of FEAR

One decision can change
your whole life!
Make the decision that turns
your life around!


So it’s time to ask yourself some questions and make a life-changing decision...


Are you 100% committed to making a change in your life?  


Are you 100% committed to clearing any and ALL your FEARS?


Are you 100% committed to have, be, and do more in your life?  


Are you committed to becoming an adventurous risk taker?     


Are you 100% committed to following through on your goals and dreams?  


Are you 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to be happy?  


Are you 100% committed to doing what you love to do?  


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to make the decision to complete the Getting Clear of FEAR breakthrough system.  


It’s time to step out on faith and order Getting Clear of FEAR.


Click Here To Order Getting Clear of FEAR  


Don’t forget – when you order, you’ll get the entire Getting Clear of FEAR program...


(1) Getting Clear of FEAR Introductory Letter  

(1) Getting Started Clearing Your FEAR CD (MP3) 

(1) Getting Clear of FEAR 162-page Action Guide   

(2) Getting Clear of FEAR Lesson Audio CDs (MP3)   

(2) Masters of FEAR Interview Audio CDs (MP3)   




You’ll also get the FREE BONUS audio download...


How to Take Maximum Action Now! 




You’ll also get a...


30-day Money Back Guarantee!


All of this for ONLY $149.98 plus shipping and handling (a savings of $139.96 off the standard retail price of $289.94) 


OK now...


The ball is in your court.  Are you ready to take action now and order?  


If you’re ready to get clear of FEAR, then simply order right now by clicking the link below...           


Click Here To Order Getting Clear of FEAR


Please make sure to write me at with your success story! 




Peter Wink 
Breakthrough Systems 


PS – Remember, if you order right now, you’ll get the entire Getting Clear of FEAR breakthrough system and the FREE BONUS download audio How to Take Maximum Action Now – with a 100% money-back guarantee – everything for only $149.98 (plus shipping and handling).  This is a HUGE savings of almost $140 off the standard retail price of $289.94) 


Click Here To Order Getting Clear of FEAR





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